About DRE

This information is out-of-date. Please note that we're creating a new knowledge base on support.mydre.org. This Help MyDRE website will be decommisioned in the next weeks.

Research collaboration the new way

The Digital Research Environment, or DRE in short, is a cloud solution to research collaboration fit for the 21st century. Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the DRE platform offers data storage and compute for all sorts of research projects. Whether you are working individually on a small study for your PhD, or with many others on a wide-scale cohort, the DRE offers workspaces that suit your needs.

A DRE workspace is a web-based environment in which you upload and analyze data associated with a specific project. On invitation, fellow researchers can also access the workspace and start collaborating. Due to DRE's configuration, data stays secure, auditable and compliant with regulations.

Below, find out why you should use DRE for your own studies!

Why use DRE?

Worldwide collaboration

Because DRE is web-based, you can access workspaces anywhere anytime.


With DRE you only pay for the storage and compute you actually use. This means no more money going to idle servers.

Access control

In DRE you remain in control over your data. Only owners of workspaces decide who takes data out of the environment.

Compliance with regulations

DRE is compliant with the latest regulations on privacy and patient information. Learn more about the accreditation of DRE.

Data Snapshot

Data uploaded to DRE workspaces is snapshotted, ensuring an audit trail


DRE workspaces can be outfitted with different types of Virtual Machines, from small and cheap to very big and more expensive. Data storage is also infinitely scalable.

Easy to use

The DRE platform is made for accessibility and usability.

Dedicated support

Multiple Dutch University Medical Centers are dedicated to making DRE a research environment that