Workspace/Virtual Machine Creation not working - fixed 2021-04-02


After deploying the tested functionality of self-service adding Linux Virtual Machines, the functionality broke in production.

Initially it looked like a quick fix was possible, but after three times redeploying it into production it keeps failing.


We are planning to roll back fully so that at least Workspaces with Windows VMs can be deployed.

Update: 2021-03-30 @18:15

Change being deployed to production => New Workspaces can be created, adding new VMs still not possible

Update: 2021-04-01 @13:00

Fix is created. Due to potential interference with the migration, it will be rolled out over the weekend or on Tuesday. At the latest we expect that Owners can add VMs (Windows and Linux) as of Wednesday 7th)

Update: 2021-04-02 @17:15

Owners can self-service add additional Windows and Linux VM to their Workspace

SPSS not available - fixed @ 18:05

Last update: 2021-03-30 @ 18:05


A firewall change at an UMC requested 2 weeks ago is still not implemented.

Quick fix

We have identified a fix, but we it must be planned for impacting other important work.

File access issue - 2021-03-25 - resolved

If you still experience share related issues, please submit a ticket at

Some of the users might experience one of the following after a migrated Workspace:

  • Files and folders are visible in the Files tab but not on the Share via a VM

  • Files and folders are visible on the Share via a VM but not in the Files Tab

The issue is being worked upon with highest priority.

There is no indication that data is lost, the problem is an access to the storage account problem

Update @12:39

The root cause has been identified. We are working on a fix that should be deployed some time today.

Update @14:47

The Workspaces migrated on Monday and Tuesday should be working correctly now.

We ware still busy to fix the Workspaces of Wednesday migration.

Update @ 15:41

The Workspaces migrated on Wednesday are fixed as well.

19-20 December No Reboots

Radboud UMC - Issues concerning MFA



Due to a setting change with regard to multifactor authentication (MFA) at the Radboud UMC on Thursday, DRE users have been experiencing problems if they were logged in at the time the change was made. This mainly pertains to upload attempts from personal devices.


The Radboud UMC Technical Support team is currently working on a permanent solution, but since it concerns an unexpected effect, this may take a while.

In the meantime, data can still be uploaded to the DRE from the Radboud environment (via VMWare or a PC located at the Radboud UMC). If you need to transfer your data to the Radboud environment first, please use a secure transfer method such as Surfdrive.

Google Chrome Incognito not loading workspaces



Due to a change in cookie policy in the Incognito mode on Google Chrome, workspaces are not loaded on the DRE platform as of 23-07-2020. Instead, users see an infinite loading icon.


Use the regular mode on Google Chrome, or use Firefox or Edge. The incognito modes of Firefox and Edge are not affected.

Learn more about Browsers and Cookies in the DRE platform.

Passed events

Email issues

Emerged: 2020-09-16
Resolved: 2020-09-1


Sendgrid is the service we use to send emails from the platform. However, SendGrid has ended up on various spam lists due to phishing activities of other users on the SendGrid platform.

Because of this, many emails are no longer accepted by recipients or go immediately to phishing or spam list. From what we can tell, no emails can be sent to pretty much any office 365 users (i.e. at least all dutch UMCs).

Sendgrid is working on a solution.

In the mean time we are also working on a solution: we replaced Sendgrid on 2020-09-18