Getting started

This information is out-of-date. Please note that we're creating a new knowledge base on This Help MyDRE website will be decommisioned in the next weeks.

To get started with DRE, you first need to activate your account. For now, DRE is invitation-only. After activation, you can access the DRE platform. It is important to use recommended browsers, and allow for DRE cookies.

Once your account is activated and you are on the platform, learn the workflow of accessing your workspace, uploading data and accessing a virtual machine.

Important! Use the right browser and have your cookies enabled.

For now, only researchers at Radboud UMC, Erasmus MC, UMC Utrecht and Amsterdam UMC may request a DRE workspace, although external collaborators may still be invited to collaborate in the workspaces.

Other SURF-partners may receive access in the future. Learn more about the future of DRE in the roadmap.

Take your first steps

To get started on DRE, you first need to activate your account.

Log into the DRE platform.

Find out which browser works best, and how to enable cookies in DRE.

Learn the workflow

To work on a project, access your workspace in the DRE platform.

Upload your study data, so you can use it in the workspace.

Log in to a VM to start your analyses and computation.