Access a Virtual Machine

This information is out-of-date. Please note that we're creating a new knowledge base on This Help MyDRE website will be decommisioned in the next weeks.

First time connecting to a VM?

Create a password for VMs

To enter a VM for the first time you are logged in the DRE platform, you need to create a new password. Important: this is a different password than you use for your DRE platform account. You only need to create this password once.

Below, you can find instructions on how to create the VM password.

Step 1. Double-click on a workspace you are part of. You must be within a workspace to create your password.

Step 2. Click on your name in the top-right corner. This reveals a menu.

Step 3. Click on Change password.

Step 4. Fill in your password in both the first and second field, click on Ok.

You're all set!

Whenever you connect to a VM in any workspace, fill in this password when asked.

Access from a non-Windows machine

Mac: Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the app store. Next, make sure this program is always used to open .rdp files.

Linux: Make sure you have the latest version of Remmina installed.

Android: Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the play store.

Multi-monitor support

  • Download RDP file as usual

  • Right click EDIT

  • Tab Display

  • Check: multi monitor support

In case you need it more often, there are scripts available to make your life easier: