Connect to a Windows VM

Step 1. Double-click on the VM you want to access.

If the VM is not already running, it will take some time to start.

You will receive a .rdp-file as a download.

Step 2. Click on the downloaded .rdp file.

Step 3. In the prompt, click on Connect.

Step 4. In the log-in prompt, fill in the VM password you created before, and click on OK.

Step 5. In the last prompt, click on Yes.

After some loading time, a new screen with a connection to the VM should appear. You can now use the VM for your analyses.

Use all your monitors/screens

Step 1. Download the RDP file as usual, but do not open yet!

Step 2. Right click on the download, and click show in folder

Step 3. In your file explorer, right click the RDP file and choose edit

Step 4. In the pop-up, go to the Display tab

Step 5. Tick the box to Use all my monitors for the remote session

Step 6. Then click on Connect

You are free to play with other settings too!