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Your workspace consists of two parts: a shared data drive for the entire workspace, and one or multiple Virtual Machines (VMs).

The shared data drive is accessible to all workspace members and to all VMs. Here, you store your spreadsheets, data and analysis scripts. This shared data drive is snapshotted (backed up) every 24h at approximatelyt 23:00, with a history going back 30 days at any time. Be aware: only this data drive is snapshotted! The C:-drives of the individual VMs are reset often, so do not save any of your data or analysis scripts there.

The VMs are the computers you use for computation, whether that is running an R-script for data analysis, running Jupyter notebooks for machine learning, or using SPSS for running statistical models. Each VM has access to the shared data drive. For now, DRE offers 4

To access your workspace, you first need to log into the DRE portal.

Access your workspace

Step 1. In the main overview on the DRE platform, double-click on the workspace folder you want to enter.

You are now in the workspace folder.

Here, you can upload your data and access your Virtual Machine(s).