Download requests

The Data Requests page will help you keep track of all the download requests. Researchers will only see the requests they send, owners will see all requests sent by users and owners of their workspaces.

Tip: the page may take some time to load, depending on your role and the number of workspaces and data transfer requests.

Download requests can have the following status:

Pending - when a user requests a download, it will show up in the owner's list. Its initial status will be Pending until the request is approved or denied.

Approved - an owner can approve the request when they judge the request to be valid. Once approved, the status will be changed to Approved. For owners, every request is immediately set to Approved.

Declined - an owner can decline a request when they judge the request to be invalid. Once rejected, the status will be changed to Declined.

To download the file(s) and to view details of the request, click on Details in the Action column.

Here, owners can approve or reject requests made by researchers, and download their own requested files.

Researchers can download their requested files, provided that the request was approved.