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In your DRE workspace, you can upload a single file, a collection of files or even complete folders at a time. To ensure integrity and auditability of data, every upload is in principle wrapped up in a new inbox, with a default title indicating the date, time and uploader. After uploading, you commit the inbox to the workspace, ensuring the data is stored in your workspace. To find the folder structure of the data drive, go to the Files tab in the workspace. Here, you can upload files and folders, which is explained below.

Anyone who is a member of a workspace may upload data. However, not everyone has direct permission to download data!

Upload files and folders

Step 1. In the workspace, open the Files tab.

You can choose to to upload your files and folders via drag-and-drop, or via an upload pop-up. Follow the instructions below.

Alternatively, you can use external programs to upload files to the workspace.


Step 2. In the files tab, navigate to the folder you want to upload your files to.*

Step 3. Open the file explorer on your computer, and find the files/folders you want to upload.

Step 4. Drag and drop the files/folders from your file explorer to the any place in the folder system in the workspace.

The files will now be uploaded to the workspace.

* By dragging-and-dropping files, you do not automatically create an inbox folder for your upload. However, you are able to drag-and-drop the files/folder into a previously created inbox folder.

Upload pop-up

Step 2. Click on the Upload-icon in the menu bar on top.

Step 3. By default, you create a new Inbox folder for your upload. If you want your files to be uploaded to an already existing Inbox folder, select this folder under Upload inbox:.

Step 4. When creating a new Inbox folder, you can edit the folder title under Create new:. By default, the title contains data, time and uploader information.

Step 3. Click on Select and upload, select the files/folder you want to upload from the opened file explorer, then click on Open.

Step 4. When the upload is finished, click on Close.

Step 5. In the pop-up click on OK.

The files will now be uploaded to the workspace.

More about uploading in DRE workspaces

The dialog for uploading data allows you to select an inbox for uploading. An inbox is a temporary folder that serves as a location where data is stored while you are uploading it. Once you are done uploading, you must commit the inbox to your workspace, i.e. you copy whatever is in the inbox to your workspace. Usually you want to create a new inbox every time you upload something, but if you wish to continue a previous upload (e.g. because you had to stop it half-way) you may choose to select an existing inbox here.

Usually, though, you want to create a new inbox. You can name the inbox if you like, this can be usefull to keep different uploads apart from each other.

To actually start the upload, drag-and-drop files or folders onto the blue box. Even when it is already uploading, you can drag more items onto this box to queue the upload of those items (note that it may take a while before these newer items become visible in the progress list, if uploads are ongoing).

You can also start an upload by clicking 'select and upload' and browsing for and selecting the files to upload. Lastly, you may choose to 'use an external program' to upload data. Programs such as Azure storage explorer [1] (free) can be used to upload data with this link (see below for instructions)

If you do not choose to upload via an external program, you will see the upload progress as upload continues. If errors occur (e.g. connection failure or some other problem) you can retry that item or all items with similar problems. For larger files a progress bar will apear, but smaller files will go so fast you will hardly notice this.

Once you are done uploading, you can close the window. A dialog window will ask you if you want to commit the upload (i.e. move the uploaded data to your workspace). If you choose 'no', you can continue your upload later and commit them, or go to the upload inbox manager and commit the upload there. if you choose 'yes', simply wait and the upload will appear in your /data/inbox folder after a while.

Continue uploading

Do you want to continue the upload at a later time, or even another day? You can stop the upload by closing the window (ignoring any warning). Do not choose 'yes' when closing the dialog! When you want to continue uploading, go to this upload dialog, select the upload container where you started the upload, and upload the same files. Assuming the files didn't change, the uploader will notice you already uploaded part of the data and continue where it left off. If the files did change, it will warn you and ask what you want to do with it.

Remember that upload containers have a limited lifespan. Do not assume you can leave your data on them for a long time, they are scheduled to be cleared after about one week (although in reality they may last longer).