Auto Shutdown

All VMs by default will be shut down at 19:00 UCT +01:00 (Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, etc). This is to help prevent incurring unnecessary costs by forgetting to deallocate the VMs. Running VMs cost money, deallocated only a bit of storage cost.

This is not always convenient because:

  • Some calculations can take much longer

  • You might like to work different times

  • The VM will be used by people in a different Time Zone

Update auto shutdown

  • Select a VM

  • Press Auto shutdown icon (1)

  • If you want

    • to disable select OFF (2)

    • change shutdown time (3)

    • change the time zone (4)

  • Press Save to confirm

** if the Auto shutdown is Disabled, the ENABLED (2) is already set to ON and cannot be changed