Budget & Costs


It is smart to set a budget for your Workspace. Budgets are set per period and will reset again after this period. I.e. the budget is per Reset Period.

To create a budget

  • To create one, go to Costs

  • Press Create Budget (1)

  • Fill in the Budget you want to use per Reset Period (2)

  • Choose the Reset period (3)

  • Choose one or more warning levels (4)

  • Enter email who must be informed (5)

  • Enter 2nd and more additional email (6)

  • Press save (7)

To create a budget aligned to your invoice period, select a reset period of Billing month, Billing quarter, or Billing year. To create a budget aligned to the calendar month, select a reset period of Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually.

To modify a budget

  • Edit the parameters of a Budget (8)

  • Add an additional Budget (9)

  • Delete a Budget (10)


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