Costs of workspace

This information is out-of-date. Please note that we're creating a new knowledge base on This Help MyDRE website will be decommisioned in the next weeks.

Before you request a workspace, it is wise to estimate the associated costs. Use the estimator tool below to plan your budget ahead of time. Costs depend on the Virtual Machines and the storage you use over time. Disclaimer: you are yourself responsible for managing your research budget and keeping track of costs!

Cost of Virtual Machines

There are different types of Virtual Machines (VMs). Some are small and cheap, whereas others are much larger and also much more expensive. This diversity is great, because it means DRE workspaces can be suited to everyone's needs. Be sure to learn more about VM sizes.

In terms of costs, the general rule is: the more cores and the more RAM, the higher the price. Also, the more VMs your workspace contains, the more you pay. VMs are only charged for the time when they are up and running, so you can save money by deallocating VMs when they are not in use. In the estimator tool, be sure to indicate a realistic number of hours use per month. If you run VMs from 9-to-5 on all workdays, the VMs are on approximately 176 hours a month.

Cost of storage

Storage is charged proportionally to its size. The longer you occupy storage, the more it will ultimately cost you.

Free data flow

There are no extra costs for uploading and downloading data from the DRE platform (also known as ingress and egress data flows). SURF already includes these costs in their subscriptions to participating institutions.

In practice, this means that uploading data does not cause additional costs. Moreover, there are no additional costs if you move data outside the DRE platform, e.g. when archiving data after using DRE for analysis.

Tracking expenses

Of course it is important to keep track of your costs over time. Unfortunately, this functionality has not yet been implemented in all DRE workspaces. Be sure to contact Core Support Team members to inquire about running costs.

VM Type Recommender

The VM Type Recommender is currently in development. DRE offers all possible Azure VM types, so make sure to check their information to find a suitable option.

Not sure about which VM type to use? We recommend to use the regular B2S type. This VM include 2 CPU cores and 4 GiB RAM. It is also the default option in the Cost Estimator below.

Cost Estimator