Add shared storage

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Feature details

Feature available to:

  • All members

Short description:

  • A separate shared storage available via VMs of different Workspaces

Typical use cases:

  • Different studies working on exact the same datasets (cost savings, version challenges)


  • Currently MVP status

  • Data on the common shared storage is not backed up or snapshotted

  • All members can read/write

  • No audit trail of ingress/egress via data share between the Workspaces

  • Data is only accessible via VMs, not the portal


  • Fill in form and request Shared Datashare

  • Once created, a Core Support Team member will upload a .txt file and inform you

    • Open the .txt in Notepad or Notepad++

    • Save as (all types), make sure last 4 characters are: .ps1

    • Close Notepad

    • Right click the file, run with Powershell

    • After completion, go to the Windows Explorer > This PC. An extra drive should be visible, this is the Shared Datashare drive

    • In each Workspace each member needing the Shared Datashare must run the script once

*) if you want certain members not to have access to the Shared Datashare, don't provide them the opportunity to run the script; e.g. zip with password protection the .ps1 file

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