This information is out-of-date. Please note that we're creating a new knowledge base on This Help MyDRE website will be decommisioned in the next weeks.

Did you run into a problem in the DRE platform? Use this page first to troubleshoot your problem. We have listed a number of issues with solutions you can try.

If your problem is not there, or the solution does not work for you, please contact DRE support.

I cannot close one or more ports

If you got an error trying to close ports, please fill in the form as quickly as possible.

I cannot access MYDRE.ORG


  • Click:

  • On the top of this page there is not a message mentioning a problem?

  • Did you receive an MFA

I cannot see my Workspaces

The most common reason why after login a workspace or other elements are not shown is that cookies are blocked. This happens when:

  • You are using a cookie blocker

  • You are using a browser that by default blocks or doesn't allow cookies (Safari, Firefox Focus, etc)

Cookie Policy of anDREa for Azure DRE


  • Use Chrome, Edge, Firefox

  • Switch off the cookie blocker app/widget

  • Allow cookies in the browser (see below instructions per browser)

I cannot connect to the Linux yum repository

The most common reason why, after the migration, the Linux machine cannot find the Yum repository, is because the domain changed.


Run the following command, as admin, on the virtual machine:

sudo sed -i s/ /etc/yum.repos.d/dre.repo